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Dental Crowns in Austin

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Dental crowns are both a restorational and a cosmetic dental procedure since they strengthen the tooth while concealing a filling or damage, thereby improving its appearance.

Dental crowns are a popular treatment at My Dentist in Austin. We may recommend that you get a crown if you:

  • Choose to replace a missing tooth using a dental bridge
  • Have a large cavity that cannot be successfully repaired with a filling
  • Get a dental implant
  • Want to protect the restored tooth and conceal the filling after root canal therapy
  • Have a worn down, cracked, or weakened tooth

What to Expect

When you visit My Dentist in Austin for a dental crown, our dentist will first examine your tooth to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. Afterwards, she will:

  1. Prepare the tooth for crown placement by extracting a small amount of tooth enamel for the crown to fit properly. If you have decay, it will have to be removed at this point. Depending on the strength of the remaining tooth structure, the dentist may choose to build up the core of the tooth to provide sufficient support for the crown.
  2. Create an impression to provide an exact model for your custom crown.
  3. Discuss with you the type of material you prefer for your crown. Each material offers certain benefits - ceramic, porcelain, metal alloy, composite resin, or porcelain-metal combination. Our dentist will help you choose the best material depending on the location of the tooth, visibility when you smile, shade of the tooth, function of the tooth, and your preferences.
  4. Place a temporary crown while the permanent one is being fabricated. It should be ready within two weeks.
  5. Place the permanent crown in your mouth during your second visit. She will make the necessary adjustments until you are satisfied with the look and feel of your restored tooth.

We recommend that you schedule regular dental visits at My Dentist in Austin to ensure optimal health of your teeth, gums, and mouth. Please visit My Dentist in Austin if you have any concerns with your oral health.