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Who Can Benefit From Dentures

Who Can Benefit From Dentures

Dentures are a popular type of dental removables used to replace lost or extracted teeth. Your natural teeth may fall out naturally with age. But if you have severely damaged teeth due to periodontal disease, trauma, or other oral conditions, your dentist may recommend that you extract them and get partial or full dentures instead.

Dentures are not permanent fixtures, and are usually held in place by the soft and hard tissues – gums and jaw bone – along the dental arch. In some cases, denture adhesives and creams may be used to prevent slipping and ensure a comfortable fit.

Depending on your specific case, Dr. Veilleux may also recommend implant-supported dentures that are anchored by dental implants. This treatment may take longer as you need to wait until the implant site has healed before fitting the dentures, but your partial denture will fit more comfortably and make it easier for you to talk, eat, and laugh.

But Are Dentures Right for You?

Dentures are mostly associated with senior citizens who have lost all or most of their natural teeth. However, any person who has experienced substantial tooth loss can benefit from dentures.

But considering that dentures are removable appliances, the ideal candidate should have a healthy amount of gum tissue and jawbone to help provide sufficient suction force to keep them in place.

Another consideration before getting dentures is the extent of tooth loss and the condition of the remaining teeth – if any. There are different types of dentures to replace one or more missing teeth, including:

  • Full dentures – these are ideal for people who have lost all their teeth and have sufficient gum tissue to support dentures
  • Partial dentures – these are recommended for people with one or more missing teeth, but still have some healthy natural teeth
  • Implant-supported dentures – these allow patients who have lost all their teeth and don’t have enough healthy gum tissue to benefit from full dentures
  • Immediate dentures – these are temporary dentures fitted the same day as the tooth extraction to help maintain proper oral function and aesthetics before the permanent dentures are ready for placement in a few weeks.

There are many different tooth replacement options besides dentures, like bridges and dental implants. Please consult a dentist to determine which option is best for you.

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