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Importance of Dental Cleanings in Austin TX

dental cleanings

If you haven’t visited your dentist in several months or years, you are not alone. Many patients avoid or reschedule their dental appointments for various reasons. However, without regular dental cleanings, harmful bacteria are growing in your mouth that could cause more serious conditions over time.

How Harmful Bacteria Affects Your Teeth and Gums

The warm, moist oral environment is conducive for the growth of harmful bacteria that cause:

  • Plaque – a layer of bacteria that coats your tooth enamel and produces an acid that destroys both the teeth and gums.
  • Tartar or calculus – failure to remove the plaque bio-film properly causes it to calcify and mineralize into a hard substance on your tooth that attracts more bacteria.
  • Gingivitis – failure to properly manage plaque causes it to reach a destructive stage where it infects the gums and causes swelling and inflammation. This condition must be aggressively treated to keep it from advancing to periodontal disease, which is associated with bone loss and loose teeth that may eventually fall out.

Professional dental cleanings help to prevent the bacteria from accumulating in your mouth, which in turn helps to manage gum disease and associated illnesses including diabetes and heart disease.

Schedule Your Dental Cleanings

To learn more about caring for your oral health, please schedule your exam and cleaning with your dentist in Austin TX today.

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