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What to Expect with Full Dentures in Austin TX

full dentures

It is common to need to restore your smile as you age.  Whether it is chipped or missing teeth, you can improve your oral health by visiting a cosmetic dentist near you.  If you have numerous missing teeth or need to have teeth removed, your dentist may recommend full dentures to restore your smile.

The Treatment Process

Fabricating custom dentures takes several weeks and multiple appointments. Once our dentist determines that you are a good candidate for full dentures, he will proceed to:

  • Make impressions of jaw and assess the distance between your jaws and how they relate to one another
  • Create wax forms, models, and/or plastic patterns that represent the exact size, shape, and position of your custom denture. You will try out the models multiple times while evaluating the shape, fit, and color before the final denture is fabricated
  • Create the final denture and adjust as need be for a perfect fit

First-time denture wearers often claim that their new teeth set feels odd and loose at first. But as your tongue and cheek muscles get used to your new teeth, the fit will feel more comfortable and allow you to eat and talk normally. You may also experience some soreness, irritation, and excess salivation at first, but these problems should diminish with time as your mouth adjusts.

Schedule Your Consultation

Full dentures are an excellent teeth replacement solution and offer a variety of advantages for those who use the appliance to restore their smiles. To find out more about dentures and if they are right for your situation, contact your cosmetic dentist in Austin TX to schedule a consultation.

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