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What to Expect with Dental Cleanings in Austin TX

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Dentists agree that plaque control is vital to maintaining your oral health, as well as the prevention and control of dental caries, gingivitis, and periodontitis. So, how do you control the amount of plaque in your mouth? With routine dental cleanings in Austin TX, your dentist can take the necessary measures to help you maintain your oral health.

During Your Visit

Adding regular dental cleanings in Austin TX to your home care routine is the best way to prevent these and other oral health issues. A dental cleaning typically includes:

  • Cleaning – Also called “a prophylaxis”, a dental cleaning involves scaling to clean off plaque, tartar, and stains from the frontal areas of your teeth. Dental professionals recommend teeth cleaning at least twice a year – every 6 months.
  • Full mouth debridement – The heavy calculus buildup – from slipping professional cleanings for more than one year – can only be removed through a full mouth debridement.
  • Gingival bacterial reduction – An additional service where the dentist uses a laser on infected gum pockets to destroy the bacteria.
  • Polishing – Dental professionals use a dental device and polishing material to finish off cleaning. It is best for children cleaning or as the final stage of professional cleaning.

New research suggests that dental cleaning should be performed every 8 to 12 weeks for best oral and overall health; however, your dentist will consult with you on how often you need to visit.

Schedule Your Appointment

To maintain your oral health, contact your dentist in Austin TX to schedule your exam and cleaning today!

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