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Dental Removables in Austin, TX

Dental Removables

My Dentist in Austin offers dental removables as a less invasive and cost-effective teeth replacement option compared to methods like dental implants and bridges.

Each patient’s teeth replacement needs are unique. So depending on your esthetic goals and budget, our dentist can help you determine the best option for your case to deliver an optimally functional and comfortable fit.

Full Service Dental Lab

At My Dentist in Austin, we have access to comprehensive dental lab services to fabricate a wide range of custom dental removables including:

  • Full dentures - These are recommended for patients who don’t have any natural teeth in their upper or lower jaw. Dentures allow you to eat and speak properly while maintaining or even enhancing your facial structure.
  • Partial dentures - If you still have original teeth in between the gaps, then partial removables can help to restore the function and aesthetic of your mouth while preventing the remaining teeth from shifting. Options for partial dentures include TCS, Valplast, and Cast. Our flexible partials are made from nylon-based acrylic which is lightweight, flexible, durable, and highly biocompatible for a comfortable and long-lasting tooth replacement. With our cast partials, you don’t have to worry about aesthetics are the clasps are well hidden.
  • Sport mouth guards - These are for active people to protect their teeth from accidental damage while playing
  • Night Guards - If you clench and grind your teeth when asleep, these can help prevent excess teeth wear
  • Stay Plates - These are a temporary solution to prevent your teeth from moving or shifting as you wait for your dentures to be fabricated
  • Implant-supported dentures- For a more comfortable fit, you may consider a combination of implants and dentures to fill the gaps in your mouth. One or more implants may be placed to support the denture in place for a better fit.

Professional and Fast Delivery

Our dentist works with a highly skilled and professional dental team to carefully plan your customized treatment and deliver the best solution for your dental removable needs.

By working with dental labs that use advanced CAD/CAM digital technologies, we can provide our patients with highly precise custom-removables. By using a dental removable that is perfectly made for your mouth, you can enjoy long-term benefits without any issues. Moreover, you can improve your smile and regain your self-confidence.

By leveraging the newest dental technologies, we can consistently deliver high quality dentures, mouth guards, and other dental removables to successfully restore the function and aesthetic of your mouth.

With the leadership of our dentist, we take pride in having one of the lowest adjustment and remake rates in the industry. My Dentist in Austin has become synonymous with positive dental experiences for out patients, and positive morale for our team.

We understand how difficult it can be to find a reliable dentist who has both the skills and resources to deliver the most appropriate dental solution for your unique needs. From routine to complex dental issues involving removables, our dentist can handle them all, restoring confidence in your smile and oral function.

For conventional and digital fabrications for different dental removables, please contact My Dentist in Austin to discuss your unique dental needs with our dentist.


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