Planning Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Your Child’s First Visit

Your child’s first visit can form the foundation of a healthy mouth and a dazzling smile. The first dental visit for children should provide a pleasant experience to prevent unnecessary fear or anxiety in subsequent visits.

Family dentistry is tailored for different age groups to deliver whatever makes you comfortable. For children, the first visit is about familiarizing them with the fun aspects of a dental office. The children may ride in the chair by themselves, on their parent’s lap, or with their sibling for maximum enjoyment.

Depending on the child’s temperament, we may proceed to counting their teeth or introducing them to the common dental tools. The dentist will still be able to assess the state of your child’s mouth and provide tips or instruction on how to provide optimal dental for your child.

Subsequent visits

Ideally, you should visit your family dentist every six months for professional cleaning and an oral exam. Annual visits may be sufficient for patients at low risk of plaque buildup and infections, while more regular visits may be necessary for people with chronic diseases, expectant mothers, and tobacco products users.

Also if you have a clear sign that your mouth needs attention, such as bleeding gums, a toothache, loose teeth, tooth sensitivity, or popping jaw, or if you have a cosmetic concern such as a chipped, broken, or stained tooth, don’t hesitate to visit your Shoal Creek family dentist for a consultation.

Make An Appointment

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